East & Southern Africa DHIS 2 Academy - Basic Level

East & Southern Africa DHIS 2 Academy - Basic Level

Lilongwe, Malawi

December 2013

The  DHIS 2 Academy - basic level is for DHIS 2 implementers, the technical  staff  that  set up, design, and maintain DHIS 2 in their respective  countries or organisations.

Experienced DHIS 2 experts from the region will share the latest features and customization  approaches and help you to make your DHIS 2 implementation a success. A practical training programme make sure the trainers and participants can sit together and improve the various country databases. Emphasis will be put on sharing experiences and solutions across countries and to promote networking and collaboration among DHIS 2 implementers in the region.


Training topics include:

- design principles and best practices for all major aspects of DHIS 2 database design/set-up for both aggregate and patient data;

- use and administration of analysis tools such as data visualiser, pivot tables and GIS

- set-up and use of mobile clients

- configuration of user roles and access control

- how to use DHIS 2 to improve data quality and information use

- deployment/implementation strategies, e.g. to move from pilot to national scale